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10 practices which protect the Lagoon of 7 colors

The ecosystem in Laguna Bacalar is getting weaker over the last years, due to the lack of sewage system, agrochemicals, economic activities, accelerated growth of tourism and increasing number of motorboats and exhaust fumes. All this jeopardize the balance of the ecosystem: flora, fauna and transparency of the water. Bacalar is fragile, we must act now to conserve this paradise. With the help of Dir Ecologia we created 10 practices which are considered extremely important for saving this unique ecosystem. We kindly ask you to read and follow these rules:

  1. Do not touch, step or sit on the stromatolites - living stones. You can find them in the shallow water and on the shores of cenotes. Their surface produce oxygen and capture CO2 through photosynthesis.

  2. Do not use motorboats. Chose eco-friendly activities like catamaran, kayak or paddle board instead of boat tours.

  3. Respect the buoys in protected zones. Don't cross them or tie up to them.

  4. Do not use sunscreen when you want to swim in the lagoon. Even the biodegradable sunscreen provides nutrients that accelerate eutrophication*, one of the causes of changing colors. Protect yourself with swimming clothes.

  5. It is forbidden to exfoliate yourself with lakes clay - sand in the lagoon. It causes a big harm to the ecosystem and could cause skins problems.

  6. Do not use the lagoon as a toilet. Use the bathroom before swimming.

  7. Do not touch, cut or anchor in the mangroves. They actively participate in the balance of the fragile ecosystem.

  8. Avoid making noise and loud music. Live harmoniously respecting the bird sanctuaries.

  9. Do not touch or remove from the environment the chivita snail, it is an essential part of the balance in the lagoon.

  10. Please recollect all the trash and remains of your picnic. Do not leave toxic residues of ash or cigarette butts.

*Eutrophication - nutrient enrichment in an aquatic ecosystem. All organic waste, even if it is biodegradable, adds nutrients that are not a natural part of the system. It accelerate this process since they are „food” for the algae that has begun to appear. This alga may be one of the causes of changing the color in the lagoon.


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